Delta Online offers the following services:

  • MyCitynew-2 - provides you central access to information on your Delta accounts, including: Business Licences, Dog Licences, Property Tax information and monitor the status of Building Permit Applications. It is easy to use and all the information is protected by your private access code. Register Now! or Sign-In if you are an existing account holder.
  • Business Licence Renewal - allows online renewal of business licences.
  • Dog Licence Renewal - allows online renewal of dog licences. Initial sign-up is required - contact Delta's Taxation Office
  • Electronic Home Owner Grant - allows property owners to claim for their annual property tax grants
  • Municipal Ticket Payment - allows you to pay Municipal Bylaw infraction tickets using Visa and/or MasterCard.
  • Tax Certificates Prepayment - allows prepaid account holders to access Property Tax Certificates for conveyancing purposes. Sign-up by contacting Delta's Taxation Office.

Please select the type of online service you wish to make from the menu on the right

If you require assistance, please contact the Taxation Office at (604) 946-3235. Our business hours are Monday to Friday from 8:30 am to 4:45 pm (Thursdays until 8:00 pm).

Business Licence Renewal
Dog Licence Renewal
Electronic Home Owner Grant
Municipal Ticket Payment
Tax Certificates Prepayment
Property Information Inquiry
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