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A development application is required to subdivide a residential property into one or more lots. There may be a number of development considerations which impact a proposal for subdivision:

• Visit DeltaMap to find the Official Community Plan (OCP) designation, zoning, approximate size of your property, and any development considerations (development permit areas, steep slope, heritage protection, etc.). NOTE: Download the Parcel Information Report.
• Review the Official Community Plan and Zoning Bylaw to determine appropriate designations and zones for your proposal. The OCP designation sets out the maximum allowable density for your lot and in some cases, the allowable building heights and types. Each zone has a minimum lot size for subdivision including minimum lot width, lot depth and lot area.
• Review the title of the property for covenants, rights-of-way, etc.

Before you start your Residential Subdivision application process, ensure you have:

• reviewed the information on this page and the Single Detached Residential Rezoning and Subdivision Application Guide
• completed the application forms
• gathered the submission requirements (drawings must be scaled, metric and dimensioned)

Application Forms and Requirements (must be in PDF format):

Form - Development Details
Form - Owner Authorization
Form - Soil Contamination Review Questionnaire
Site Survey
Site Plan
Building Design Plans (only required if requesting a variance)
Arborist Report
Geotechnical Report (only required if property is on a steep slope or in a hazardous slope development permit area)
Environmental Assessment Report (only required if property is near a riparian area)
• Optional: Current Title Search (within 3 months) and copies of charges on title (will be collected at applicant's cost if not provided)
• Optional: Any other documents or reports you would like staff to review

Note: All plans and reports must be accompanied by acknowledgment and consent form from professional who prepared the document (see links above).

Application Submission Information:
• Applications cannot be processed until ALL required information is provided.
• Incomplete applications will be rejected.
• Applications submitted online will be charged an additional 2.5% credit card administration fee.
• The application fee is non-refundable
• Your data will not be saved unless you provide payment.
• A timeout will occur if you are inactive for 15 minutes and your data will not be saved.
• All *mandatory fields must be completed.