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Pre-Application Meetings are intended to assist a potential applicant with a complex enquiry related to an imminent development application at a cost of $305. The application fee is credited toward development application fees if an application is received within 6 months. Please note that meeting requests will only be considered for:
•single detached residential development with five or more units;
•strata title conversion; multi-unit residential development;
•mixed-used developments; or
•developments with complex site constraints (as determined by staff).

If you are unsure if your proposal warrants a Pre-Application Meeting, please contact the Application Centre at 604-946-3380 or prior to submitting an application.

Before you start your Pre-Application Meeting Request application process, ensure you have:
• reviewed the information on this page and the Pre-Application Meeting Guide
• completed the application forms
• gathered the submission requirements (see Guide for detailed requirements)

Application Forms and Requirements (must be in PDF format):
Form - Owner Authorization (all owners on title of subject property(ies) must sign)
Form - Pre-Application Meeting Summary
• Conceptual Site Plan and Building Plans
• Site Photos
• Optional: Preliminary Servicing Plan
• Optional: Current Title Search and copies of charges on title (will be collected at applicant’s cost if not provided)
• Optional: Any other support plans or reports you would like staff to review

Application Submission Information:
• Applications cannot be processed until ALL required information is provided.
• Incomplete applications will be rejected.
• Applications submitted online will be charged an additional 2.5% credit card administration fee.
• The application fee is non-refundable.
• Your data will not be saved unless you provide payment.
• A timeout will occur if you are inactive for 15 minutes and your data will not be saved.
• All *mandatory fields must be completed.

Having trouble with your application? Please call 604-946-3380 for assistance.