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The Board of Variance is able to consider minor variance requests where there is hardship found related to:

• the siting, size or dimensions of a building or other structure
• the siting of a manufactured home in a manufactured home park
• a subdivision servicing requirement in an area zoned for agricultural or industrial use

The Board of Variance is not able to consider variance requests which do not meet the criteria above such as varying parking requirements or the minimum lot size for subdivision. The Board cannot approve a variance which would:

• be in conflict with a covenant on the title of the property
• deal with a matter covered by a permit, land use contract, phased development agreement or heritage agreement/protection
• deal with a flood plain specification

If you are unsure if your variance request can be considered by the Board of Variance, please contact the Application Centre at 604-946-3380 or prior to submitting an application.

Before you start your Board of Variance application process, ensure you have:

• reviewed the information on this page and the Board of Variance Application Guide
• completed the application forms
• gathered the submission requirements (see Guide for detailed requirements)
• confirmed Board of Variance meeting dates and deadlines (see Schedule)

Application Forms and Requirements (must be in PDF format):

• Details of Board of Variance Appeal Form
Owner Authorization Form (all owners on title of subject property(ies) must sign)
• Site Plan and Building Plans
• Site Survey (only required where structure was constructed without permits)
• Site Photos
• Optional: Current Title Search and copies of charges on title (will be collected at applicant's cost if not provided)
• Optional: Any other plans or reports you would like to submit (i.e. arborist report, geotechnical report, etc.)

Application Submission Information:

• Applications cannot be processed until ALL required information is provided.
• Incomplete applications will be rejected.
• Applications submitted online will be charged an additional 2.5% credit card administration fee.
• The application fee is non-refundable.
• Your data will not be saved unless you provide payment.
• A timeout will occur if you are inactive for 15 minutes and your data will not be saved.
• All *mandatory fields must be completed.

Having trouble with your application? Please call 604-946-3380 for assistance.