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Sign Permit applications are required in accordance with Delta's Sign Bylaw. There are certain types of signs which do not require a permit, see list on the Sign Permit web page.

Any other type of signage requires a Sign Permit application in advance of installation.

If you are unsure if your proposed sign requires a permit, please contact the Application Centre at 604-946-3380 or prior to submitting an application.

Before you start your Sign Permit application process, please ensure you have:

• reviewed Delta’s Sign Bylaw (including regulations for signs that do not require a permit (Section 4.1 and 7), prohibited signs (Section 4.2) and special sign areas (Schedules A to D)
• reviewed the property title for sign restrictions in a permit or covenant
• completed the application forms
• gathered the submission requirements (drawings must be scaled, metric and dimensioned)

Application Forms and Requirements (must be in PDF format):

Owner Authorization Form – this must be signed by all owners on the property title (not the leaseholder/tenant)
• Site Plan
• Building elevations
• Large scale detailed plan of the proposed signage (must include: dimensions, sign area, copy area, changeable copy area, height, type of illumination, etc.)
• Cross-section of the proposed sign including anchorage and or attachment details (i.e. sign thickness, wall construction at the sign, type of bolts and screws, foundation size and depth for freestanding signs, etc.)
• Optional: Current Title Search (within 3 months) and copies of charges on title (will be collected by staff at applicant's cost if not provided)
• Optional: While City of Delta recommends that all signage/installation is engineered, Schedule B and sealed drawing from Structural Engineer will only be required for: all canopy signs; fascia signs weighing over 68 kg (150 lbs); freestanding signs over 2.5 m (8'-2" in height); signs close to public utilities and accesses; and large or complex signs (at Director's discretion). The documentation from the Structural Engineer may be submitted following preliminary review of the application by staff.

Application Submission Information:

• Applications submitted online will be charged an additional 2.5% credit card administration fee.
• The application fee is non-refundable.
• Your data will not be saved unless you provide payment.
• A timeout will occur if you are inactive for 15 minutes and your data will not be saved.
• All *mandatory fields must be completed.

Having trouble with your application? Please call 604-946-3380 for assistance.