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Owners of heritage buildings in Delta may apply for support from the Heritage Conservation Grant Fund for repairs and restorations that would preserve and protect their heritage building. Grants are available for up to 50% of capital costs up to a maximum of $30,000. Repair or restoration means physical works, which may include structural improvements, exterior alterations, reinforcement, maintenance, fire protection, or security of the building.

To be considered for a heritage conservation grant, an owner must agree to place the building on Delta’s Heritage Register and agree to enter into a Section 219 Covenant to ensure maintenance of the building for a ten year period.

Before you start the Heritage Conservation Grant application process, ensure you have:

• Review the information on this page and the Heritage Conservation Grant Application Guide including eligibility requirements.
• completed the application forms
• gathered the submission requirements (see Guide for detailed requirements)

Application Forms and Requirements (must be in PDF format):

Owner Authorization Form (all owners on title of subject property(ies) must sign)
Heritage Conservation Grant Submission Form
• Current photos of existing building/site
• Two Estimates for Cost of Work
• If applicable, drawings that clearly illustrate the area to be repaired or restored
• If applicable, Material Specifications, Colour Palette, etc.
• If applicable, Heritage Conservation Plan

Additional Information:

• Applications cannot be processed until ALL required information is provided.
• Incomplete applications will be rejected.
• There is no application fee for Heritage Conservation Grant submissions.
• A timeout will occur if you are inactive for 15 minutes and your data will not be saved.
• All *mandatory fields must be completed.